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A Breeder since the early 70's, DJ Short has produced some of the most unique strains found anywhere on the planet. His Blueberry strain described by some as ‘the most wonderful form of marijuana to date', placed first in the Indica category at the 2000 Cannabis Cup.


  As one of the most important Breeders of our time, DJ Short raises the bar for all cannabis breeders with his original mix of new and Old World Genetics.


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  • Tales from a Breeder of Fine Cannabis

    In the '70's, connoisseur-quality marijuana was being imported from all corners of the world, but one grower decided to sprout some of those seeds in the privacy of his own house. Working with original genetics, pioneer indoor grower DJ Short has since produced some of the finest herb which has never seen the light of day.  more

  • Grow Organic

    If you want to grow some of the finest herb on the planet, then the True Fragrant varieties of cannabis, such as Blueberry, Blue Velvet and Flo, are an excellent place to start. I speak from experience, as I am the goddess-father of these fine products... more

  • Know your own stone

    The breeding and production of fine quality cannabis is more an art than a science. A creative mind and sense of imagination is necessary to achieve success in this field. The other requirement is a very discerning palate, including the ability to discern and appreciate subtle variations in taste, smell and mental experience. more

  • Harvest your Herb

    There are several important points to consider when choosing the optimum time to harvest your cannabis crop.  There are different factors to consider between indoor and outdoor plants.  There is the difference between Sativas and Indicas in bloom.  There is the difference between early and late harvest to...  more

  • Let them Breathe

    An important aspect to consider when growing plants indoors is proper ventilation, air circulation and temperature control. This practice becomes especially necessary when working with lights over 400 watts, in very small spaces, any time the temperature exceeds 32°C (90°F), or if the humidity gets too high.   more


  • The Origins of Blueberry

    The place for breeding to begin is with choosing the parent plants, called the P1 generation. For best breeding results you use true-breeding stabilized strains as your P1's. Different breeders have different standards as to what qualifies as a P1. I have very high standards... more

  • General Irregularities/Anomalies of Cannabis

    Some of the Blue Family lines of cannabis (True Blueberry, Grape Krush, etc.) are known to occasionally sport various anomalies and irregularities. The main anomaly reported from these lines is that of the "krinkle" leaf type. Also referred to as... more

  • Breeding Tips

    To understand the principles behind the breeding of cannabis you first need to be familiar with some basic terms related to genetics. "Genotype" is the genetic and chromosomal make-up of any given individual – it is the genetic code. "Phenotype" is the expression of  body type, structure, and... more

  • 5 Questions with DJ Short

    At the HIGH TIMES US Cannabis Cup in Denver, their Senior Cultivation Editor Danny Danko sat down with marijuana breeding legend DJ Short, the man responsible for such strains as Blueberry, Flo and Old Time Moonshine to discuss the old and the new in cannabis connoisseurship and production....  more

  • Strains of Yesteryear

    Colombian Gold came from the highland Colombian valleys near the equator, as well as on the coast (the Caribbean and the Pacific).

    This was specialty pot offered commercially in the mid-70's, for about $60 to $100 per ounce. It was seeded, but most of the seeds were undeveloped, white and...   more






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